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with hostess Shannon Earley

Motherhood - it doesn't look the same for any of us - but you know what?! All of us are carrying around our own baggage. Whether it's helping your children with autism or anxiety, living with chronic illness, surviving from abuse in all of its forms, or feeling depressed and stuck in our lives - girl, I've got you!


Mamas need love too - and this is the place where I want you to know you can let your hair down, take a breath, and just relax in the fact that you are not alone on this journey we call motherhood.  We all have our mistakes, our victories, our stories - and ladies, I want to share those with you! 


Through online community groups, my podcast, Mamas Need Love, mentoring phone calls and courses I want you to remember that God totally loves you all the time.

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Finding Joy

In a Messy World - Online Course

I'm creating an online course RIGHT NOW that is all about how we can find joy in our messy world, and I need some mamas that are excited, want to learn more about themselves and Jesus, and want a mindset shift from joyless to joyful! 


I only have 15 Beta Tester Spots available - after that the course will be closed so that we can tweak it together and will be re-opened at full price!


As a beta-tester you will have full access to the highest level of the course, "The Golden Mama" and all that it has to offer. This includes weekly 1x1 hour long mentorship and prayer calls, 1xmonthly group call, access to the private and public groups for support while you are on your journey and a pre-recorded curated 5-week course all about you and your relationship with Jesus! 

With Shannon's cheery personality, warmth and friendliness, she explains what it really means to look for joy in this crazy world.  Her personal touch and love for other mamas will be evident as you work hard to create a mindset shift and learn to live for Jesus. 

This course will be a reboot for the Christian Mama that wants an anchor in her busy life.  

Downloadable Freebie!

This is a sweet and honest 5-day prayer guide to help deepen your relationship with Jesus.  Discover what He really thinks of you, girl! Just enter in your email address on the right and BOOM - it will be delivered right to you!

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What other ladies are saying!

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Megan Mikkelsen

Shannon's easy going style makes me feel like I'm chatting with my best friend.  As a stressed out mom, she's helped me not take myself so seriously and focus on what really mattes!

Catherine Wilde, Soul Care Mom

"I love Shannon's perspective and encouragement!  Her authenticity and tips will inspire you and help you to live your best life.  This podcast is a must listen for all moms!"

Cecille V.

Listening to Shannon makes me feel I have found a friend.  She is a breath of fresh air and such an encouragement!  I would highly recommend this podcast.  Thankful that she is using everything God has given her to be a blessing to others and point others to Him.

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